Adam Tilson


Graduate Student in Masters of Applied Science,
Software Systems Engineering

Top honours engineering student and lifelong learner with a passion for teaching and commitment to serving the profession, the faculty and the students. Hard-working and dedicated, with great communication and problem solving skills. Friendly and approachable, spends his time learning, volunteering for professional and social groups, and persuing creative projects. Specializes in the fields of Deep Machine Learning and Game Development.



Regina, Sk. Canada


Tech Skills


⮡ Used in Capstone, Thesis

Mono / C#

⮡ Used in Capstone, Thesis


⮡ Used in Teaching, Thesis

Tensorflow / Keras

⮡ Used in Thesis

Soft Skills


⮡ Passionate, Confident


⮡ Public Speaking, Writing, Listening

Critical Thinking

⮡ Logical, Creative, Adaptable


⮡ Motivational, Empathetic

Work Ethic

⮡ Self-Directed, Organized, Timely

Work History


Sessional Instructor

University of Regina, Regina, Sk. Canada

• ENSE 471: User Interface Programming (Winter 2018).
⮡ Lecture material based on past offerings and MOOCs
⮡ Original labs, assignments and project in Python / Kivy
• ENGG 123: Design and Communication (Summer 2019)
⮡ Lectures, labs and coordinating the Rube Goldberg project
• ENEL 380: Automation and Control (Summer 2019)
⮡ Two sections, combined 114 students
⮡ A very ambitious course to coordinate and teach
★ Course evaluations positive, 4+/5 in most areas


Teaching Assistant

University of Regina, Regina, Sk. Canada

• Part time with undergraduate/graduate studies (15 semesters)
⮡ Primarily assisted in marking assignments, invigilation
⮡ Occasional teaching and assisting with lectures and labs
⮡ ENGG 123, ENSE 352, ENSE 353, ENSE 470, ENSE 472


Supplemental Instruction Leader

University of Regina, Regina, Sk. Canada

• Hosted three tutorial sessions/week for CS110 students
⮡ Covered introductory C++concepts. Very well received.


2017-2020 (Est)

Master of Applied Science (Ongoing)

Software Systems Engineering

University of Regina, Regina, Sk. Canada

• Estimated completion Spring 2020. GPA: 94.6%.
• In-engine image generation for games via deep learning
• Supervisor: Dr. Craig Gelowitz


Bachelor of Applied Science

Software Systems Engineering

University of Regina, Regina, Sk. Canada

• Graduated with top honours in Engineering. GPA: 94%.
⮡ Dean’s Medal in Engineering and APEGS Gold Award.
⮡ Capstone: ‘Marbl’, an Android game made in Unity
⮡ Featured gyro controls, 3D physics and drop-in/drop-out
Network-based multiplayer.

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